Starbucks Consumer Behavior Report

I am a consumer of human interaction and behavior and I find great interest in attempting to understand why we do the things we do. I blame it on my parents. Mom and I could go to the mall and watch people for hours. Dad and I have gone to a major league baseball game and spotted the same idiot from across the stadium and got a good laugh together. We are so individualized that we have no choice but to be interesting to someone who is not exactly like us.

Sitting in Starbucks for almost two hours provides some very interesting “people-watching” opportunities (I’ll call it “observational research” so that I don’t feel like a creep). Unfortunately, the sights provided a deep disappointment in our society as a whole. I saw a man come in and steal the dollar bills out of the tip jar, just to turn around and pay for his coffee with change from his other pocket. I witnessed a black male call a white male a “cracker” for trying to pick up his credit card off the ground and not too long after that, women discussing how horrible their husbands are. What a sad picture of reality.

In undergraduate, we were mandated to read a collection of poems and stories titled The Book of Virtues. While I disliked the assignment portion of this reading, I find great value in such content now. The mistakes and wisdom of people from the past have provided a great resource for us to build from in our world today. There is still good to be found all around us if we look. We only need to be intentional on our efforts to make our lives and those lives around us better.

Today’s observations are simply a sad snapshot of how we interact. In your organization, what culture exists? What expectations for humanity are set in place for respect and friendliness? I guarantee a bit of improvement in this area can increase creativity, collaboration, quality, and many other aspects that are your end result. Tomorrow’s future starts with your leadership. Lead today for a better tomorrow!