It’s that time again… time to set a New Year’s resolution and not be able to continue come January 14th.  Welcome to my life.

I set out to find the best way to overcome this lack of motivation or will to continue.  What I found came from an unlikely source – the maker of my blog’s WordPress theme.  Michael Hyatt is a conference speaker, social media guru, and author of the New York Time’s best selling Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.  I randomly stumbled across one of Hyatt’s videos about setting goals to measure our life.  I love the beginning piece of his video where he mentions that writing down a goal leads to more success than not writing down your goal… even if you don’t have a plan!

Measuring is an important part of my life.  In my professional life I work in academia doing research, evaluating my recruiting efforts for the college, and measuring my own success.  As a student, measurement is absolutely necessary in terms of grades, meeting deadlines, completing assignments, and evaluating the quality of my work.  Even in my favorite hobby of woodworking, measurement is the essence of the practice.  I know my wife, mother, and mother-in-law don’t typically measure with their cooking, but even if they are estimating through their intellect, measurement still exists.

So as you begin a fresh start to 2014, I encourage you to watch Michael Hyatt’s videos before the New Year.  Then I encourage you to set out a life plan (short term and long term).  Challenge yourself, but make your goals attainable.  Here is a great posting for writing a personal development plan if you need a place to start.  Get accountability and follow through with your plan.  Post in the comments below what your plan is to begin holding yourself accountable!