In light of the recent Phil Robertson suspension from A&E’s top show, Duck Dynasty, it reminds me of an important lesson learned from ole’ Phil – we should always remain “Happy, Happy, Happy!”  The holidays can sometimes make this emotion easier (or harder) personally, but how can we do this professionally?

If you are in the world of academics or research, give the Appreciate Inquiry a try.  Evaluating your organization or issue by only focusing on the positive attributes can help you to focus on the happy parts.  Appreciative Inquiry is based on the idea that giving way to negativity or complaints does not progress the organization forward.  Building off the positives keeps collaboration going and plans moving onward.

In the grind of work life, here are some other tips to staying Happy, Happy, Happy:

  • Take short breaks throughout the day and talk with others about something other than work.  Distracting yourself for a bit can increase your ideation and productivity.
  • Make some coffee / do something for others.  Doing things for other people helps us to not focus so inwardly and builds our self-esteem up a bit  (no need to boast, just do something and get back to work).
  • Set an attainable goal that can be reached by the end of the workday.  Having a sense of accomplishment on your way home improves the mood and makes the home life better as well.

Follow these simple steps and you will surely be more satisfied in you professional life.  Enjoy the holidays and take some time off – you deserve it.