Business can be tricky.  Using the railroad as a metaphor, sometimes we think we are “on track” and running smoothly.  But there comes a time when we need to switch rails or risk coming off track.

The recent train crash in New York City reminded me of the importance of slowing down and prioritizing.  The train was reported to be going 82 MPH going into a 30 MPH zone.  If the operator was paying attention and took the time to be completely knowledgable about the path, the train may have stayed on track.

Are you on the tracks? – With things running smooth, it is easy to lose your focus or get sidetracked.  There is a constant need to look ahead, plan for the next step, understand and evaluate where you are, know your competition, and stick to your vision.  To continue running smoothly, keep up!

Are you needing to switch rails? – Businesses are constantly switching directions.  My wife just commented yesterday on how Facebook has recently transformed into a platform for the sharing of articles and movies rather than personal updates.  Maybe to grow your business or feel more in control of your train, switching rails may be a necessity.  Don’t be afraid to let your business veer in another natural direction.  Embrace the change and build from it.

Are you almost derailed? – If you haven’t embraced a change in direction or attempted to stay on top of your business, you may feel a lose of control.  Although this can be scary (and sometimes come with consequences), it is still not too late to slow down and get back on track.  Evaluate what is going wrong and what is going right.  While focusing on the good, take each bad in stride.  Prioritize your to do list and celebrate the small milestones to get back on track.

Catch your runaway train before it’s too late.  Attempt to sit down and discuss your situation(s) with someone you can confide in and take control of your engine.  Just remember… slowing down is not always bad – and can sometimes be necessary.


Image credit: Marc Johnson