Every school child looks forward to the next break.  Whether it be Thanksgiving, winter, or spring break, it provides a time to focus on nothing.  Exactly – the benefit is the focus on nothing in particular.  The same holds true for the working individual.

There may not be lengthy breaks or complete office shutdowns, but the opportunity to get away from work should not be overlooked.  Here are three reasons I have grasped to get away from work through reading, listening, and personal experience.

  1. Innovation – When constantly working, our minds develop a tunnel vision.  Many researchers suggest that even taking a walk and getting away from the issue at hand for a bit of time can help find a solution.  Get away from your tunnel vision and allow innovation through taking a break from work.
  2. Relationships – Probably the most important part of time away from work is the relationships with family and friends.  Work easily consumes all of our time, even on the weekends.  Marriages, friendships, etc. are all put on the back burner for the sake of the next “project”.  Take this time to give 100% of your attention to the ones who mean the most to you.
  3. Rest – Ask any sleep researcher and they will discuss the “sleep debt” that we all incur.  Lay around, sleep, nap, do what pleases you.  Even after we come home from work, work is still on our minds – hindering us from the deeper stages of sleep.  Make sure to get your best rest (and exercise) during your time off.

Enjoy the holiday season.  Stay healthy and safe while enjoying those you love.