Do Living and Learning Programs Work?


It’s a question that comes up a lot around bigger universities who are considering or currently have Living and Learning Programs (LLPs) — do they really work? Some mention the increased rate of retention freshman to sophomore year is the purpose behind such programs.  Others will tell you it’s [...] Continue Reading…

5 Ways to Get Ahead This Fall Semester


Since reshaping my job at the University of Kentucky College of Education to a specific focus on retention, I have been able to interact and build great relationships with students.  It’s interesting that all it takes is a 2-minute hallway conversation to develop a friendship.

As students begin to excitedly anticipate the [...] Continue Reading…

Taking Your Next Step (Part 3 of 3): Take Action

Steps (original)

Okay, so you have evaluated and worked on changing your personal learning network from the first part of this series.  You found so much success that you decided to read part two and make strides toward your professional learning network.  Through these two steps, you have been able to [...] Continue Reading…

Taking Your Next Step (Part 2 of 3): Professional Learning Network

Steps (original)

The first step in this series consisted of evaluating and possibly changing your personal learning network.  Aside from your personal network, you will also need to evaluate your professional learning network.  Do not confuse your professional learning network with your current job place.  Your responsibility as a contributing member [...] Continue Reading…

Taking Your Next Step (Part 1 of 3): Personal Learning Network

Steps (original)

The beginning to taking your next step in life will start with a personal learning network.  Two phrases come to mind when thinking about the personal learning network:

Birds of a feather flock together – A similar phrase would be “you are who you hang with”.  If you have a [...] Continue Reading…

Interdisciplinary Marriage


Think as if there isn’t a box, not just “outside the box”.  Embrace change and accept your responsibility as a professional within the changing economy and world we live in.  Cross the lines of discipline to collaborate and invent tomorrow’s reality!

In decades past, interracial marriage was unacceptable, interdenominational worship [...] Continue Reading…

Education and the Future Workforce


My parents have been telling me every since I was born…”You will have to have a Ph.D. to get a job one day!”  Well, they are becoming more and more right (as much as I hate to admit that). has created an infographic (in collaboration with Hyperakt and in partnership with University [...] Continue Reading…

Enriched Environments and Technology in Schools

Young Student

Jon Becker tweeted about his experience while visiting the Information Technology High School.  As my curiosity got the best of me, I was anxious to hear about what that high school had going on that was new, innovative, etc.  Much to my surprise, the 1:1 initiative was taken away [...] Continue Reading…